Destiny + Parker



Destiny is getting married!!  I’ve watched this cute girl grow up into this beautiful young lady.   I am so excited she has found “the one”.   Destiny is from Socal and Parker is from Idaho.  Destiny and Parker attend BYUI, and that’s where they met.  When she told me she was getting married and wanted me to do their engagements, I was so excited!  They drove down from Rexburg and met me in the Salt Lake area, this was just right after Thanksgiving and it snowed so much on Thanksgiving day, we were so excited to have snow for this engagement shoot, however, we didn’t, or I should say I didn’t expect it to be so so soooo cold, we’re talking 25 degrees.  This cute SoCal chic has become quite adapted to the cold weather, but it didn’t seem to really phase her too much, although they were very excited that I brought a blanket for them to cuddle in for some of these pictures.  I had us all hiking up into the mountain and into the woodsy trees.  I am pretty sure, we were off the beaten path here but I had to get them up in that pine tree area.  I loved how they were willing to go where ever I wanted, even if it felt like they might loose a toe or two from the freezing snow.  Looking forward to their winter wedding in February.